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Where EVERY child is a star!



Our Mission

Every  child is unique and we believe that success and growth come from  encouragement and praise. Our teachers focus on building every child’s  self esteem and confidence through positive feedback and rewards. We  nurture their natural strengths. A child see’s the world around them  with wonder and awe, we believe in encouraging their natural curiosity.


Our History

 Sarah Jorgenson is the founding director of Rising Stars Youth Show  Choir. After moving to Des Moines 13 years ago, Sarah started teaching  voice lessons privately and through Drake University. As she specializes  in young voices and children with special needs, Sarah realized there  was a need for an alternative children's choir in the area. And with  that, Rising Stars Youth Show Choir was born!  


ALL Kids Rock!


In  Rising Stars, ALL kids rock! We are a full inclusion program where all  kiddos fully participate with the group. We truly believe that everyone  benefits when we ALL join together to make music.

We  work with each individual singer's strengths and let them shine as only  they can! Always wanted to be a rock star? Grab a mic and sing a solo!  Or maybe your little one is more comfortable dancing and tumbling. We do  a little of everything! Is your little one a bit shy? That's okay too!  We always find a way for every child to feel comfortable and special!


Let's Connect

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Show Choir 4 Kids

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